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Size: 180 x 126 x 30mm 
Alarm Type: Sms 
Alarm Type: Pstn 
Alarm Type: Alarm 
Alarm Type: Control Applications 
Keypad Password: Yes 
Video Interface: Yes 
Display: Yes 
Arm Control Type: App 
Power: DC12V AC100V-240V
Zone number: 99 wireless, 4
wiredConnection: WirelessKit 
Configuration: Door / Sensor Window
Model number: KLN-H37
Back up battery: Yes
Network: WIFI, GSM, PSTN three in one
Usage: Home Security Alarm system

1. Three GSM PSTN Wifi networks protect your home, safer and more stable. 
2. Connect the WIFI 802.11b / g / n 2.4G (not 5G), no need for wired RJ45 cable, easier installation. Remote App, free push messages Wifi, simpler, more economical. A. H37 panel will push the alarm notification to your android phone or ios via WIFI when someone breaks in your house. B. You can also remotely control H37 ARM / disarm using the application. 
3. If your home has no wifi signal or unstable wifi or the wifi router is off, you can use the GSM SIM card network. 
         A. Insert the GSM SIM card on H37 and record your phone number on the panel. When the alarm system is triggered, KONLEN H37 calls and sends                    SMS to predefined phone numbers. 
         B. You can also remotely control the alarm system using App. 
4. support for setting the alarm zone name multiple: including door alarm, parlor alarm, panic alarm, bedroom alarm, window alarm, balcony alarm, perimeter alarm, alarm leak alarm etc. users will easily know which sensor triggers the alarm. 
5. If the cost of the GSM SIM card service is expensive in your country, you can use the PSTN phone line as a backup for the auto-dialing alarm. 
6. Add IP cameras: work with an IP camera for video monitor, IP camera application integrates into the application of the alarm system. When you receive an alarm notification, the user can click the camera button on the app to monitor your home anytime via WIFI or 4G.

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